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Google Science Fair 2012

ScifairI was pleased to hear that the Google Science Fair was back for the second year. This is an annual event that adds excitement for student scientists around the globe. It’s open to students ages 13-18. All projects are submitted online. Last year, the Google Science Fair became the largest online science fair in the world with over 7, 500 entries from more than 90 countries.

There are some changes this year, which should add to the international challenges.

  • Accepting submissions in 13 languages
  • Choosing 90 regional finalists: 30 each from the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Asia Pacific
  • A “Science in Action” award, sponsored by Scientific American for a project that addresses a social, environmental or health issue to make a practical difference in the lives of a group or community

Submissions are open through April 1, 2012, and Google will announce the regional finalists in May, and select the 15 finalists in June 2012. Google Science Fair winners will be awarded their honors in Mountain View, CA on July 23, 2012.

As a teacher, I used to love science fairs as much as the kids did. My students enjoyed really becoming scientists, and even though I tried treating them like that, they filled the role completely at science fair time. Whether students worked alone or in a group, the vocabulary, planning, experimenting, lab notes, results and reports blended for the most professionally done presentation students’ could do.  I’m pleased that all of this is not lose on Google’s education crew.

Please visit www.google.com/sciencefair for more information and check their post on the Official Google Blog.


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Google Science Fair really adds excitement for the students. They really have to go back since this program is really educational and purposeful.Welcome Back!

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