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Preparing for the Holiday Season


One of the most anticipated times of the year has arrived! Here are a few project ideas I use in my classroom during the holiday season.

Pine Cone People

Materials: Pine cones, felt, eyes, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, hot glue gun
*This idea came from a colleague at school.*
Time needed to complete this craft: 20-30 minutes
Potential problem: If you are concerned about students using hot glue guns, you may need to have parent support during this activity. Additionally, if you do not mind that your students use hot glue guns, you need to send out a permission slip to see if their parents approve. Seek the approval of your principal or assistant principal. You never, ever want to come to them "after the fact". 

Paint Swirled Ornaments


Materials: Clear glass ball ornaments, a few different colors of acrylic paint, ribbon to hang the completed ornaments on the tree, gems (if desired)
Found this idea at: Crafts for All Seasons
Time needed to complete this craft- 10-15 minutes per ornament
Potential problem: Students may pour too much paint in the ornament, so explain to them before the craft how much paint they should be using.

Cookies in a Jar

Materials: Ingredients vary because there are several "cookies in a jar" recipes, yet you need one quart-size jar per student
Found this idea at: Mrs. Newingham's Website, which links to Gift Jar Recipes
Time needed to complete this craft: About 30 minutes
Potential problem: Make sure you have several parent volunteers before your students complete this activity and that you organize the ingredients. Use a drop cloth on the floor in case any of your students mistakenly spill the ingredients. Make sure you have enough of each ingredient by estimating how much you need before you send a letter out to parents.

Painting Candles


I did not find this idea anywhere, but as you can see, students decorate candles ($2.00 each at Michael's) with acrylic paint, gems and mosaic tiles. 

Students in my class also paint square pieces of wood to make a "frame" with their photo on it each Christmas. Besides that, we find ways in which we can reach out to our community and complete activities with our kindergarten Book Buddies. One activity that has been exciting for Book Buddies has been purchasing Instant Snow Powder. Last, we complete our holiday season with a sensational Italian feast and gift exchange.

If you have any ideas you want to share with other grade 3-5 teachers, please comment!

I hope you have an incredible Thanksgiving!


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