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Using Scale to Build 3-D Models: Part II

Last week's post included information on incorporating scale and 3-D construction for students. I believe I mentioned that I would post pictures of the students' completed projects as soon as they were turned in for grading. Last Friday, I received some fantastic projects and have a few pictures here to show you some of my students' awesome work!

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Overall, the students were extremely proud of their models. I had a few go as far as to paint the walls of the model the exact color of the walls in their rooms. On the furniture were comforters and pillows. All the while, the students used the scale to make sure dimensions were accurate.

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Originally, I had planned to assign the project over our Christmas holiday, but time got away from us and the students weren't ready. A couple of students mentioned that they would have liked to have had longer than five days to complete the construction, while others finished the project in one night. As far as determining the amount of time before the due date, I would suggest considering your classes as a whole and the time requirement they need to complete daily tasks and assignments. For my classes, I believe that five days was plenty of time.

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I would also like to suggest that this is a great project for parental involvement. Students will need assistance in measuring the dimensions of walls and perhaps some furniture, even model construction depending on the materials students choose to use. Thanks for your patience on the pictures (they will be posted by the end of the day). Hope your students really enjoy this project!

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    Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 09:45 PM

    Great idea! What materials did your students use to construct the model? Did they buy these on their own or were the materials provided by the school? I don't think my classroom budget is big enough to buy the supplies.



    Students used materials of their own choosing. I suggested inexpensive materials like cardboard, foam board, and balsawood to my students. Students were responsible for obtaining the materials they were going to use. Like you, with 53 math students, my classroom budget would not permit purchasing all of the materials.

    Good luck-


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