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Bulletin Boards Woes

In the past I have absolutely avoided doing bulletin boards. I felt like it was a battled between me and the paper and I always left sweaty and defeated. The paper was always ripped and I could never get those words straight. I always used to joke that there should have been a class in college called "Bulletin Boards for Dummies".

Over the summer, a co-worker of mine went to a conference and told me the importance of changing the bulletin board throughout the year. Of course the first thing I did was roll my eyes and think back to all the trouble I have had in the past. Later that night, I Google bulletin boards and I found some ideas that I could actually pull off.

Board For the first creative bulletin board I had to recruit my fellow kindergarten teacher for help. I found this idea at the Bulletin Boards Around the World website. We created a jungle theme complete with banana trees, monkeys, an alligator, and my favorite: a hippopotamus! Each bunch of bananas represented a kindergarten class. Each teacher wrote their students names on a banana. Surprisingly, this only took us about two hours and we finished for Meet the Teacher.

Little_board My next big bulletin board experience was creating a memo board for students' work. This was another idea I found at Bulletin Boards Around the World. I bought the fabric and ribbon at Wal-Mart and I made the buttons out of card board. This is a great idea to hang pictures as well as students work. It's easy to hang up and take down. The hardest part was making the ribbon straight and tight enough to hold the papers.

Fall_board_2 Currently my class is working on a fall bulletin board. I found the idea at Miss Renee's Kindergarten Pad. We made a fall apple tree surrounded by pumpkins. The students made the pumpkins and cut their hand prints out to make the fall leaves. My students are really getting in to working together with making this. It's making our school family stronger. I've soften to the idea of bulletin boards. I found it relaxing at the end of a hard day and I also enjoy finding the different ideas online.


Thanks for all your great bulletin board ideas! I've been stealing them.

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