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Interactive Whiteboard

I was very excited last year when our school purchased a Mimio Interactive Whiteboard. Being that whiteboards are expensive one board was purchased for grades K-3 and one more board for grades 4-5. There were some teachers that were scared to use the board but being that I love technology, I was the first to begin using it.

I took the students to our Multi-Purpose room where the board is located. I used my favorite software Dsc03084_2  Kidpix to create a math lesson. I used the idea of Domino Math and drew a domino on the board. The students wrote the appropriate addition problem on their hand held board. I chose two students to come up to the board to write the problem.

The students who were not chosen to write on the Interactive board were still involved in the problem because they were given boards of their own to write on. This activity kept all the students involved. The students did their best work because they wanted to write on the Mimio.

Being that I am getting my Masters in Education Technology, I still never heard of a Mimio board. I have been to workshops for Smartboards and Promethean and was blown away of what these boards could do. I was also blown away at the price of the boards. Mimio boards are significantly cheaper and in my opinion easier for the younger students to write on. The pen is easier for my students to hold and write with because it is thicker. The students had a great time learning with the interactive whiteboard!


Hi Christina: I just love my ActivBoard!!! I literally couldn't teach without it. Many classrooms in our school district have ActivBoards. I have found that when I teach using an interactive whiteboard it increases student motivation and also deepens understanding of concepts being taught by allowing students to manipulate the board independently. The possibilities for using interactive whiteboard technology in early childhood classrooms are endless. I feel that the interactive whiteboard has revolutionized the way I teach and the way my students learn. You can read more about how we use our board and other types of technology at the link below.



Thanks for the site Vanessa!!

Very cool. I've been wanting to put together a Wii-controller-based interactive whiteboard, to play with Tux Paint. (Yet another reason to convince my wife that we need a Wii in the family. ;) )

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