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This weekend I attended FETC (Florida Educational Technology Conference) in Orlando, Florida. I was especially lucky because this conference was held in my hometown. I had the opportunity to meet educators from all over the country that have the same interest as myself. As soon as I came back to school on Monday, I couldn't wait to start using some ideas that I learned.

The two days I spent at the conference inspired me to do more with my students. I attended one session on Adobe Flash Professional. I have not had a lot of experience with Flash but I was impressed at what it could do. The program gives you another way to present skills to your students. One of my friends who attended the conference won a free version to take home. We were thrilled. If anyone has had experience with Flash, please share. I can use any suggestions.

Another session I attended was on Google Sky. I wanted to attend this session because I will be teaching space soon. Google Sky has many features but I was impressed to find out Google now has Google Moon and Google Mars. Google Moon offers short videos from when Neil Armstrong first set foot on the Moon. I became very excited during this session when they presented the idea to use a green screen with your students. They showed videos of their students standing in front of planets sharing facts. I thought this was an awesome idea!

I also attended another workshop about teaching geography. I especially wanted to visit this session because I am teaching my class about globes and continents. This session shared the idea of using Google Maps. Google Maps has a feature where you can create a map and mark different places with a pin. They shared the idea to use a map throughout the year and mark places from the books you read with your students. At the end of the year, the students can see the different places they travel from reading. I will be doing more with Google Maps this week and I will let you know how it goes.

Saturday I attended an all day workshop on Adobe Premiere Elements. Premiere is another movie editing software that offers many features that Windows Movie Maker does not offer. Premiere makes it easy to edit pictures the way you want it. I became thrilled when I found the green screen feature in Premiere. I can't wait to use it when I teach space.

I left the conference filled with ideas to use with my class. I love learning new ideas especially ones that involve technology. If anyone has any idea they would like to share, please leave it in the comments below. Thanks!


Hey Christina,

I think we would could really do some damage together under the tech. umbrella. I feel like such a nerd and enjoy hearing about new tech. programs and ideas...so thanks for sharing. Do you know how much Adobe Premiere Elements is? I use ULead Video Studio for our green screen work and think it is great.

And, if I had to recommend a tech. program for you- check out CrazyTalk 5.1. I posted a video under my blog where students took some clay and created an animated cell. You should check it out if you have a moment.


Angela Bunyi

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