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Outback Field Trip

For our unit on Australia, my class took their second field trip to Outback IMG_0881Steakhouse. For many of my students it was their first time on a school bus. Before we loaded onto the bus, I had the students who have been on a school bus share with the class the rules of the school bus. We talked about how to be safe and listen to directions. As we were on our way to the restaurant, there were many nervous giggles as we went over bumps and made wide left hand turns.

Outback is one of my favorite field trips. The Outback staff does a wonderful job keeping the students interested in Australian culture. The staff gives us a tour around the restaurant showing us Australian artifacts and explaining the different Australian traditions to us. The last part of the tour is through the kitchen. The students watch as the cooks make French fries and Bloomin Onions.

IMG_0897 The last part of our trip is my favorite. We are served lunch! As a teacher, I cherish this moment because I never eat lunch out. The students sit at the tables with their chaperones and munch on Bloomin' Onions until their chicken fingers and French fries are served. The Outback policy is to serve all the children first and then the adults. I walked around until all the students were served. This was a great time to take pictures. For dessert, we were served ice cream!

The students had a great time. Outback always does a well organized trip for us. Everyone leaves happy. Parents love to hear that we are taking a trip to Outback and I had more than enough chaperones volunteer. I enjoy this field trip because I feel secure and I do not have to worry about a child wondering off. We took this field trip on a Monday. Throughout the rest of the week, I had opportunities to reinforce Australia by reminding the class the facts we learned at Outback.


That is an interesting idea! I would have never thought they would have Australian artifacts to show the kids!

This sounds like such a fun idea!

Wow, do all Outback's do this? How many chaperones were needed in the end? What a wonderful field trip!

This is a great idea for a field trip. Do all Outbacks do this and what is the cost?

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