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How is your state doing?

With the economy the way it is, I am seeing and hearing the changes throughout the state of Florida with our schools. Our schools are hurting. This week, the county I work in announced that 400-1200 jobs will be lost. Teachers with annual contracts, like myself, are thinking worse case scenario a back-up plan. Teachers are not the only ones fearing for their jobs. Bus drivers, custodians, and assistants are up for the job cut.

My county is one of the lucky ones. I have heard that counties are thinking about closing schools and laying off all the annual contracts. Recently our kindergarten team was denied a field trip because of the cost. We are now unable to attend certain field trips. This past Saturday, a rally was held at the University of Central Florida. Teachers from all over the state met to demand more state funding be offered to our schools.

I was wondering how the other states were handling the economic crisis. Is Florida the only state hurting during these hard times? If not, how are the other states making things work? Please leave a comment below. Thanks.


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