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Kiss Your Brain!

When I first starting volunteering in my mom's class, I heard her tell her students to kiss their brains when they did something great. I thought that was a weird thing to say but I noticed the student's reaction to the comment. They took their hand, kissed it and then touched their heads. They had a huge smile on their face and I could see the triumph they had for working hard.Img_0453

When I started teaching, I of course took the phrase with me. Dr. Jean has a CD with a song titled "Kiss Your Brain". The lyrics of the song explain the different situations when you're proud of yourself to kiss your brain. I use the phrase throughout my day. I love to hear the students tell each other to kiss their brains.

Another great phrase I use with my students: "Is your brain hot?" I love this one. Instead of saying "kiss your brain", I ask the students if I can feel their brain. I make a big deal out of touching their heads. I act like I'm afraid of touching their brains because it's working so hard it must be very hot. I finally touch their heads, quickly take my hand off and blow on it like I'm cooling my hand off. I sometimes take both hands, touch their brain and quickly shoot both hands into the air like their head is like a volcano.

The other day, I was having a frustrating technology moment when I could not figure something out. I finally figured it out and I was so proud of myself. I had the students touching my brain and they were telling me to "kiss my brain". The kids were having a great time congratulating me!

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