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Alphabet Video

Here is our Alphabet video made with Animoto!

Movie Making

I came across this site last year but I was reintroduced a couple of weeks ago in one of my graduate classes. Animoto is a website that creates videos. Animoto is an easy three step process. The first step is to download pictures from your digital camera or computer. Step two is adding music. Animoto provides a music lounge where you can choose a song or you have the option of using your own songs. The final step is finalizing your movie. At this time, Animoto takes your pictures and song choice and publishes your movie.

I saw some videos already made and I wanted to make an Alphabet video with my students. I decided to have the students create the letters using materials that start with the letter. For example, we used acorns to create an A. There were some letters we were stumped on. We could not find anything in our classroom to use so we did the best we could.

The students came up with all the ideas themselves. The only job I had was taking the pictures. I did show the class how to do the letter A and H. I had to give them examples of what I wanted to do. It was a great experience. Before we started, I wrote a list of the letters and as a class we brained stormed ideas for each letter. The students worked together and created each letter. 

Animoto provides everyone free 30 second videos. It also had Animoto for Education. By signing up for Animoto for Education, you have an unlimited account. You can make videos as long as you like. When I signed up for it, they asked for my school email address and it took Animoto one to two days to confirm the account. It was well worth the wait. Now I have another resource for my classroom. 

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