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Google Earth

Img_0564 This week I am teaching the students about Japan. I always enjoy teaching the students about different cultures. Through the school year, I teach the students about Japan, Australia, the United States, and Florida. For each culture, I use Google Earth as a tool to explore the different places.

In my classroom I have an E-Reader television that allows me to hook up my television to my computer. Everything that I do appears on the television making it easier for the students to see. This week when I introduced Japan, I used Google Earth for the first time with my students. The students were in awe at the world. I showed them where we lived and how you would travel to Japan.

Img_0565_2Once we arrived to Japan, Google Earth provides pictures of the Japanese culture. The students loved seeing pictures of Mount Fuji and the Japanese castles. After exploring Japan with Google Earth, I showed the students a PowerPoint on Japan. In the PowerPoint, I provided pictures of Japanese foods, clothing, money, music, and cherry blossoms. I find it easier to create a PowerPoint to introduce cultures because I can easily find images to introduce the topic.

Luckily for me, I also was given Japanese items to share with my students. The students loved seeing the Mickey and Minnie in the kimono and the chop sticks. I find that my students love learning about geography and different cultures. It's easy for many of my students to relate to the different countries because we live close to Epcot. They have become familiar with the different countries because of Disney.

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