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Top Stories for Friday 9/27

Do You Know Your Common Core Qs?
Atlanta Journal-Constitution puts new CCSS test questions to the test. Education Week

Why Aren’t More PH.Ds Teaching in Public Schools?
They’re highly qualified and need jobs so why not? The Atlantic

Bill Gates on Reform: “We Don’t Know If It Will Work”
The speech that has Gates’ detractors steaming. The Washington Post

Can Parents Close the School Readiness Divide?
New research suggests pathway to success. Hechinger Report

How To: Fund Universal Pre-K
New Yorkers sound off on city’s preschool system. WNYC

Top Stories for Thursday 9/26

What This Year’s SAT Scores Really Reveal
College Board discusses meaning of stagnant scores. The Atlantic

Houston Wins 2013 Broad Prize
Duncan praises Superintendent Terry Grier’s “tough choices.” Hechinger Report

A Report Card on Education Reform
Arne Duncan sits down with GOP politicians to talk reform. The New York Times 

7 States Slash School Funding
The latest spending cuts to make headlines. USA Today

New Jersey To Build a “Teachers Village”
Newark’s groundbreaking new development plan. Huffington Post 

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