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Education: The Most Tech-Savvy Industry in America?

In recent years, technology use in the classroom has advanced leaps and bounds.  But how does education stack up compared with other—better-funded—industries such as finance or retail? 

Better than you might have guessed. According to a new study from Fiberlink, an IBM company, when it comes to app adoption, the education sector is way ahead of the game.

The study, which looked at mobile devices managed by Fiberlink, found that education accounts for 33 percent of all public apps and 28 percent of all custom apps adopted in the last 14 months. That’s more than any other industry listed.

Fiberlink believes that education’s chart-topping app-adoption numbers are part of a larger push toward mobile technology in the classroom. The company also cites cost and accessibility as two reasons educators are gravitating toward the app store en masse, stating: “Off-the-shelf laptop solutions can cost a pretty penny, while apps are generally more modestly priced, with a broader variety.”

The types of apps that administrators put on student devices ranged from organizational platforms (Google Drive) to creative tools (iMovie), with the ever-popular iBooks leading the pack.

Here are the Top 10 Public Apps in Education:

  1. iBooks
  2. Google Drive
  3. Pages
  4. Evernote
  5. iMovie
  6. Dropbox
  7. Google Earth
  8. Educreations
  9. Notability
  10. Numbers

Learn more about the data here.

-Catherine Logue

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