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How To Personalize Your School’s PD

Education no longer follows a one-size-fits-all model, so why should your professional development? Join three education experts this Thursday at a virtual event to learn how personalizing your PD will make your school’s efforts more effective.

ASCD’s director of professional development Ann Cunningham-Morris will discuss her Netflix-like platform that allows teachers to learn at their own pace while trading tips and tricks with their peers. Duncan Young, head of Scholastic Achievement Partners, will clue you in on new trends and changes that will affect schools in the upcoming years. And Jason Flom, director of the Cornerstone Learning Community school in Tallahassee, Florida, will explain how this new system can work in a school. Wayne D’Orio, Scholastic Administrator Editor in Chief, will moderate the session.

Don’t miss out on this exciting professional development opportunity! Sign up here for the live event on Thursday, August 14 at 2 p.m. http://bit.ly/UX2jVI

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