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Tech Tools: Software Picks 2015

Software Picks 2015

The latest and greatest education-friendly tech tools. By Brian Nadel

In OverDrive’s library, e-books are just like physical volumes, only more navigable. The software lets students browse the catalog and check out e-books that can be read on free versions of OverDrive for PCs, Macs, Androids, iPads, and Chromebooks. The e-book is automatically returned to the collection on its due date. OverDrive displays the material in several fonts and sizes, plus readers can get definitions, use bookmarks, and easily search the entire book. You can even use the software for audiobooks, which can be played at a variety of speeds. overdrive.com/schools

Aerohive ID Manager.
Whether you use Macs, PCs, or Androids—or all three—Aerohive’s ID Manager can make sense of an increasingly complicated networking landscape. The app emphasizes the self-service approach by providing every new client with a secure encryption key that can be generated from a student list or configured on the fly for a guest. Students can be added or dropped at any time. Price upon request. aerohive.com

Netop Vision ME.
Netop’s Vision ME not only puts the teacher in control of what every student sees on
their screens and blocks Web access but also broadcasts to a select group or displays any student’s screen on the projector. It’s integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox so that items can be stored locally or online. Available for iPad only. Price upon request. netop.com/visionme

SchoolCircle can streamline the complicated process of setting up a parent–teacher conference. It’s as simple as inviting a parent to a meeting. The system can also be used for scheduling field trips, events, and open-house nights, as well as providing key documents or daily classroom updates to parents. Free. schoolcircle.com

Kickboard Parent Student Portal.
Kickboard’s classroom management system consolidated everything needed to educate kids, but one thing was missing: parental involvement. That changes with the company’s Parent Student Portal, which delivers easy-to-read behavior and progress reports as well as alerts for assignments that have not been completed. Free. kickboardforteachers.com


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