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Top Stories for Wednesday 4/9

Obama Announces Grant Winners
Schools will use funds to integrate work experience. NYT

Bill to Streamline Teacher Dismissals
Proposal aims to quicken dismissal process. KPCC

Can K12 Ed Startups Succeed?
How these two companies are navigating the market. Edweek

Do Students Still Have Free Speech in School?
How social media is complicating student rights—and eroding privacy. The Atlantic

When Are Tech Tools Worth It?
Is the technology creating more chaos in the classroom? Hechinger

Top Stories for Tuesday 2/11

Superintendents Speak-Up on ESEA Renewal Plan
Large-district supers pressure Congress to act. Education Week

Tennessee Teacher Evaluations: A Step Too Far?
Teachers push back against Race to the Top promises. The Huffington Post

Good News for Snowed-Out Schools?
Harvard study says snow days don’t hurt student achievement. The Washington Post

Survey Zeros-In on College-K12 Disconnect
Why higher ed and K-12 administrators need to work together. Hechinger Report

Cuomo Accuses NY Officials of Diluting Teacher Reviews
Gov. continues to push new teacher evaluation system. The New York Times

2014: Is This Year a Game-Changer?
What upcoming elections may mean for your school. Education Week

Common Core: It’s Working
How one school implemented the new standards successfully. Hechinger Report

Top Stories for Tuesday 1/28

State of the Union: Obama Expected to Address PreK
Expansion of PreK programs will be part of “year of action.” NPR

Do Tenure Laws Fail Students?
California’s landmark teacher tenure trial begins. Hechinger Report

Should the Federal Govt. Fund School Choice?
GOP proposal positions choice as answer to inequality. The Washington Post

Student-Date Breaches Raise Alarm
Recent trouble and public outrage have led to action. Education Week

D.C. Teacher of the Year to Attend State of the Union
Kathy Hollowell-Makle will be Michelle Obama’s guest. The Washington Post

Top Stories for Thursday 1/16

Congress Gets Graded on Education
NEA assigns letter grades for every member of Congress. The Washington Post

America’s Textbooks Outranking America’s Students
U.S. math textbooks deemed ‘more rigorous’ than South Korea’s. The Atlantic

Teach for America is Expanding
New program aims to help alumni find civic-leadership roles. Education Week

The NYC DOE Wants to Talk Facebook
DOE releases nine-page social media guide for students. The Huffington Post

2 Injured in Shooting at New Mexico School
Middle school student opened fire, struck two students. The New York Times 

Top Stories for Wednesday 11/6

Colorado Voters Reject School-Finance Reform
Turn down tax increase to support small classes, full-day K. The New York Times

Are Our 3rd Graders Falling Behind?
Report shows 65% behind in cognitive development, more. Hechinger Report

Cracking Down on the School-to-Prison Pipeline
How one Florida school district plans to change the system. NPR

Arkansas May Need Do-Over on NCLB Waiver
Why the state may apply for a second federal waiver. Education Week

LAUSD Sticking with iPad Plan
School board expresses support for oft criticized plan. Los Angeles Daily News

Top Stories for Wednesday 10/2

Shutdown Update: Is the Worst Yet to Come?
The current and future impact of the government shutdown on education. Education Week

L.A.’s Massive iPad Rollout: A Bumpy Ride
Superintendent John Deasy talks $1 billion iPad initiative. NPR

Are Jocks Ruining Our Schools?
A thoughtful rebuttal of Amanda Ripley’s case against sports programs. The Atlantic

Schools Chief Warns of "Aggressive Populism"
Louisiana Schools Chief sounds off on education reform. Huffington Post

Court OKs Public Funds for Private Schools
Arizona Court of Appeals upholds new tuition program. The New York Times 

Top Stories for Tuesday 10/1

Cheat Sheet: The Shutdown and Education
What does government shutdown mean for schools? Education Week

Head Start Hit By Shutdown
19,000 kids to lose access, here's why. The Washington Post

Texas Axes Bush Education Law
The latest state to get its NCLB waiver. Huffington Post

Common Core Indecision: The Plight of Louisiana Teachers
The real impact of political debates over CCSS. Hechinger Report

The $6 Fix That's Helping Kids Go to College
Low-income students head to college thanks to small fix. The Atlantic



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