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Top Stories for Wednesday 11/6

Colorado Voters Reject School-Finance Reform
Turn down tax increase to support small classes, full-day K. The New York Times

Are Our 3rd Graders Falling Behind?
Report shows 65% behind in cognitive development, more. Hechinger Report

Cracking Down on the School-to-Prison Pipeline
How one Florida school district plans to change the system. NPR

Arkansas May Need Do-Over on NCLB Waiver
Why the state may apply for a second federal waiver. Education Week

LAUSD Sticking with iPad Plan
School board expresses support for oft criticized plan. Los Angeles Daily News

Top Stories for Wednesday 10/09

Meet the Houston Couple Keeping Head Start Afloat
The $10 million gift keeping doors open amid government shutdown. The New York Times

Frequently Asked Questions: Shutdown Edition
From local budgets to NCLB, a shutdown reality check. Education Week

It’s Not Just Kids: American Adults Fall Behind
See where Americans of all ages rank in math, vocab, and tech. The Atlantic 

Is a Trayvon Martin Day Inappropriate?
Parent reactions lead to cancelation of memorial event. Huffington Post

Should Teachers Make House Calls?
Powerful results fuel surprising new movement. NBC News

Top Stories for Friday 10/4

Teachers Speak Out In Favor of the Common Core
20K teachers share their thoughts on CCSS with Scholastic. USA Today

Race to the Top Applications: The Shutdown’s Unlikely Casualty?
District applications due today but will they make it? Education Week

Charter School Officials Accused of Misusing Millions
Former charter school managers deny diverting millions from at-risk kids. The Washington Post 

From Head Start to Harvard
One student's inspiring story reveals the real value of Head Start. TIME Magazine

Should a Student Be Held Back Over 1 Test Point?
Why 8-year-old Laela Gray is making national news. Washington Post 



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