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Top Stories for Friday 11/22

A Third of Schools Saw Scores Fall After Getting Federal Grants
But is it too soon to draw conclusions from the numbers? The Huffington Post

Say Goodbye to Algebra II
Why Texas is dropping the graduation requirement. Education Week

Competition in the Classroom May Not Be a Good Thing
How Japan’s school system could serve as a cautionary tale. The Atlantic

Who Controls U.S. Textbooks?
Why special interest groups are being accused of interference. The Huffington Post

California Concedes to Education Department
Agrees to move forward with new standardized tests. SCPR

Top Stories for Thursday 11/21

Help Wanted: New Campaign for Top Teachers
New Ed. Dept. initiative to attract top students to teaching. The New York Times

Why Philly Schools Are Still Struggling (and Who It’s Hurting)
Despite large private donations Philly schools lack resources. NPR

Career-Oriented Education Vs. the Liberal Arts
Atlantic readers weigh in on the education rivalry. The Atlantic

Is Your State At Risk for K-12 Sequester Cuts?
The states and districts most vulnerable to federal cuts. Education Week

Obama Gets ConnectED
Promotes tech in education, new E-Rate program. USAToday

Top Stories for Tuesday 11/19

Duncan Under Fire for "Clumsy Phrasing"
"White suburban moms" comment causes uproar. The Washington Post

Great Teachers Vs. Class Size: What’s the Secret?
Report suggests excellent instructors trump small class sizes. The Atlantic

Kentucky’s Core May Be Headed to Court
Activist files lawsuit challenging the Common Core in KY. Education Week

Obama to Unveil New $100 Million Competition for High Schools
The goal? To find improve college and career readiness. The Wall Street Journal

What’s the Goal of the Honor Roll?
Why one mom is demanding her son be removed from the list. The Huffington Post

Top Stories for Thursday 10/17

Philly Schools Get $45 Million
Why Gov. Corbett is finally releasing funds. Huffington Post

How Does the Budget Deal Impact Teacher Qualification?
Where Congress’s latest negotiations mean for teachers. Education Week

Study: D.C. Teacher Evaluations Work
Finds rewards and punishments alter performance. The Washington Post

Are NEW Standardized Tests Cheater-Proof?
Smarter Balanced director boasts less risk of cheating by students and teachers. KPCC

Federal Workers Return to a "Mess"
Education Department officials transition back to the job. Politico

Top Stories for Tuesday 10/8

No Adult Left Behind
New OECD skills test shows U.S. adults lag behind Finland, Japan too. Huffington Post

Head Start’s New Benefactor
How Head Start centers are reopening despite government shutdown. Education Week

School Bus Drivers Walk of the Job, Kids Stranded
Boston's latest protest reaches boiling point. The New York Times

The GED Is About to Get Harder and More Expensive
A look at the GED’s “complete overhaul” in 2014. The Atlantic

Testing Debate Takes Center Stage
The 2014 NBC Ed Nation summit’s most heated panel discussion. WNYC

Top Stories for Monday 10/7

What Does School-Safety Training for Cops Look Like?
What you can expect from new security plans for elementary schools.  Huffington Post

Arne Duncan Money Troubles
Will shrinking funds force Duncan to reexamine policies? Education Week

One City’s $88 Million Plan to Send More Kids to College
The city rising above national averages for college enrollment. What's their secret? The Atlantic

Who Should See Student Data?
Superintendent Cynthia Stevenson talks data storage systems, parental concerns. New York Times

LAUSD's Firing Spree
Scandal triggers firing of 127 educators (and 110 resignations). Huffington Post

Top Stories for Thursday 10/3

The Supreme Court’s New Case
Justices to take on Michigan’s preference ban. Education Week

Kids Are Hacking Their School-Issued iPads
Is student hacking a good thing? The Atlantic

Indiana to Stick By School Grades, Despite Scandal
The recent decision to move forward with "changed" grades. Huffington Post

Diane Ravitch Talks Reign of Error
Ravitch's new book is already making waves. The Washington Post

Can You Connect Through Tech?
Technology could improve teacher-student relationships, or not.  Hechinger Report

Top Stories for Thursday 9/26

What This Year’s SAT Scores Really Reveal
College Board discusses meaning of stagnant scores. The Atlantic

Houston Wins 2013 Broad Prize
Duncan praises Superintendent Terry Grier’s “tough choices.” Hechinger Report

A Report Card on Education Reform
Arne Duncan sits down with GOP politicians to talk reform. The New York Times 

7 States Slash School Funding
The latest spending cuts to make headlines. USA Today

New Jersey To Build a “Teachers Village”
Newark’s groundbreaking new development plan. Huffington Post 

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