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TPR: Total Physical Response

Goal: The students increase English vocabulary and have longer retention with no stress.

  • Teacher commands and models the action with students.
  • Teacher commands and students follow directions.
  • Role reversal or small group models commands. (centers)Total Physical

TPR Commands
Stand up.
Go to the __.
Watch the __.
Stand up and walk to the door.
Watch me.
Stand on the __.
Draw the __.
Stand next to the __.
Point to the __.
Circle the __.
Sit down.
Fold the paper.
Sit down on the __.
Open the __.
Kneel on the __.
Raise your hand.
Close the __.
Hold the __.
Pick up the __.
Carry the __.
Run to the __.
Put down the __.
Read the__.

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