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ELD Teaching tips to use tomorrow

Here are some teaching tips that can be used tomorrow and on a daily basis to effectively communicate with your English language learners:
*Talk slower: Slow down the rate that you are speaking to your ELL's, especially when give instructions. I am constantly reminding myself to think about how fast I am speaking. For example, in my kindergarten class we are learning the days of the week. We sing a song to learn the days of the week. I realized the song on the CD is sung quite quickly. Not to mention how the other students singing along at different rates could be really confusing to my English language learners. I stopped the CD and at a slower but natural rate repeated the days of week in an echo fashion. Needless to say repeating this each day has increased my ELL's participation!

*Model correct language: I am consistently modeling correct language back to my students. It is very common for an English language learner to use incorrect pronouns. He for she and visa versa. I repeat the sentence or phrase it as question back to them and in the correct way. For example, the student might say, He walk over there. I would say, oh she is walking over there? This tip reinforces that she is a girl and verb usage. Many times the students then repeat the sentence back to me in the correct way.

*Monitor sentence length: Sentences that are too long become difficult for English language learners to comprehend. When I give directions I make sure the directions are short. I try to use only 5 words per direction with me modeling the directions.

*Check for understanding often: Check often if your English language learners are understanding the material. For example the students in my class are learning about rhyming words. One way I check for understanding is that I use the thumbs-up thumbs down method. I say thumbs-up for yes and thumbs down for no if the words rhyme. I show a variety of pictures that rhyme and don't rhyme. I can immediately see if my English language learners are understanding the concept of rhyming from this method as well as if they understand the thumbs-up/thumbs down direction.

*Allow processing time: Try to allow as much wait time as possible for an English language learner to answer a question. I have noticed when I ask a question it might take 3-4 responses from other students to then get a response from my English language learners.

Have any suggestions for useful ELD teaching tips that you use?



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