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Environmental Print

Environmental print is all around us. It is a part and as relevant to our life as breathing and eating. For all language learners environmental print is one of first encounters they have with a new language. Many English language learners already have a sign-symbol correspondence with words that they encounter on a daily basis. Eventually the students will be able to decode the word without having to see the symbol.
How I use environmental print in my class is that I ask the students to bring in something that they can read from home. I bring in real examples of environmental print so the students get an idea of what type of things to bring in and they also have an immediate familiarity with the items. The students take pride in bringing in something that they can read whether it be a STOP sign, or a Burger King bag, or even a Jamba Juice cup. I display their environmental print on a bulletin board for all to see. I have also glued the students items on construction paper and made a big book that I place in the class library.


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