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Inside Outside Circle Valentine's Day Style

Inside outside circle is a terrific cooperative learning strategy that really engages your English language learners. Here is how it works. The students are to stand in pairs in two concentric circles. The inside circle faces out and the outside circle faces in. I give the students a topic to respond to. Since it is almost Valentine's Day we have been focusing on FRIENDSHIP. All week we have been reading books about friendship, role playing what a friend is, and friendship word webs. With inside outside circle the students were given this topic to respond to: Friendship is.....  Each student is to respond to the topic and then rotate to a new partner. English language learners need as many opportunities to speak English as possible. Not only does inside outside circle give them an opportunity to use their English, it also gives them a chance to hear English modeling as well. Inside outside circle can be used for all grade levels and across the curriculum. Happy Valentine's Day!!! Inside:outside circle


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