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Adding English one Sentence Frame at a time

Sentence framing is a terrific ELD strategy to increase your students' English language fluency. Beginning, early intermediate and intermediate levels can benefit by using sentence frames because it is an additive approach to each level's language development. For example, a beginning speaker of English would be able to respond to I like ________ or I can ________. An early intermediate speaker would be able to respond to I like ________ and _______ or I can _______ and ________. Another example that would be appropriate for the early intermediate level is ______________ have _______________ . (eg: have legs.) Adding even more opportunity for language development would be a sentence such as I like ______ with _______ and ______. (eg: I like sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly) The students really enjoy responding to the sentence framing and it gives the teacher an opportunity to easily differentiate instruction for a variety of English levels. 

Some more examples: ___________ is my friend. I like ____ with ______. My favorite ______ is _____.Sentence frame Sentence frame #2


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