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Shoot for Higher Learning

One of the advantages of being a blogger is it allows for a great deal of self reflection.  Putting my ideas on "paper" allows me to take a step back and see what worked and what didn't with a lesson.  How can I adapt it to fit all learners?  How can I differentiate to make it more challenging for the advanced learners? 

My hopes and expectations for all my students who walk through my door is to inspire them to continue on a path of learning that will take them as far as they can go.  I want students to understand how important education is.  They have to learn how to problem solve and approach problems with different perspectives.  Teaching is more than learning what is in a textbook.  It is learning how to use life experiences as a learning opportunity. 

Thank you for stopping by our 3rd grade classroom this year.  I am going to enjoy ths summer with my two month old son before returning to the 3rd grade world in the fall. Remember, it is never too early to instill the importance of college!




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