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Let Them Use Their Imaginations...

Monster_1 In a world full of video games, computers, cell phones, etc. children need the chance to explore their creativity and imagination.  You can use reading to accomplish this goal.  The students thrive on the opportunity to take an imagination journey and express what they see.Monster_2

We are in the midst of a novel study in my 2nd grade gifted class.  We are reading Happy Apple and the Mysterious Monster from Outer Space.  In the first chapter, the author describes the monster from the viewpoint of the apple.  During the read-aloud, I gave each student white construction paper.  They drew what they imagined the monster looked like from the description.  The students then elaborated (one component of creative thinking) by adding craft items to their drawings for the asteroid belt and the "micrometeroids".   Each student added details for originality/uniqueness (another component of creative thinking).  The activity gave the students a chance to use their own imagination and creativity.  The pictures they created were fabulous (I'll include a picture Monday night, so check back).  They really enjoyed comparing the pictures and looking for the similarities and the differences.  The students loved the activity and are ready to do it again!


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