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Going Inside Out

Field_tripThe Kindergarten and 1st graders are going inside out to study things from the inside.  During our unit we went inside a corn maze and fortunately everyone made it out!  We also had a tummy-filling science activity using kernels and popcorn puffs.  Come inside to see what all we did!Taste2

We're using the theme to study things from the inside out and we are having so much fun.  This week we read the book The Popcorn Book by Tommie de Paola.  After the book we walked around the room in teams to complete our research (4 questions from the book) and we shared our findings to the class.  Next, we used our five senses to investigate popcorn.  We began by studying the kernels.  We used our five senses to write about what we observed.  Yes, we even tasted the kernels (but not biting or swallowing)!  Of course, we had to investigate popcorn after it has been popped.  We followed the same concept of using our five senses to compare the two.  It was a yummy science activity!  Writing We used popcorn kernels during our creative thinking activity to design pictures made of kernels.  Pictures We tied our popcorn activities together by going to a corn maze.  Inside_out_007We will be continuing to study other things from the inside out.  If you have any suggestions or activities to include we'd love to try them and write about it here!  Stay tuned to see where we go inside next...


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