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Inside Pockets

Pockets After reading the book Katy No-Pocket by Emmy Payne and H.A. Rey, we completed a fun creative thinking activity about pockets in conjunction with community helpers.  We also thought about ourselves to create items for our own pockets.  We are going inside pockets on this one!

I love to read books to the class and running with extension activities for the kids to do.  I'm all about hands-on learning, creativity, and giving the students a chance to express their own thoughts, ideas, opinions.  They really like to talk about themselves as well, so why not foster that?  I read the book Katy No-Pocket by Emmy Payne and H.A. Rey to the class ( if you have never read it, it is a great story and can go along with studying animals since it is about a kangaroo).  I decided to focus on pockets for the follow-up activities.  112008_084 In Social Studies, our first graders have been talking about community helpers so here was the perfect opportunity to bring it into the lesson.  I created pockets for some of the professionals we have talked about (and some that were not community workers).  The students chose which pocket they wanted to work on.  They worked in small groups to brainstorm for items that would be found in the pocket of the professional they chose.  They drew the item, colored it, cut it out, glued it on a craft stick, and placed it in the pockets.  One of my many favorites was the astronaut would have moon rocks and stars in their pocket!  After we shared our poster we had created as a class, we then created our own pocket.  They brainstormed for five items they would have in their pocket to describe them.  It was a great way to learn something new about each other in the middle of the school year. Pockets3



I have the same opinion as yours on this. What you said is true.

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