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Tic Tac Know

Bat_know Happy Late Thanksgiving!!!  I also want to start this week by congratulating my co-writer Jennifer Chandler on the birth of her beautiful baby!  This week, my sidekick (another gifted teacher) & I combined classes to review what we had learned through a fun game of Tic Tac Know. 

A colleague (more like my partner in crime) & I combine classes throughout the school year to go on field trips, have in-school field trips, play games, etc.  We have a lot of fun together.  So this week, we joined her class in a heated game of tic tac know about bats.  We put our own spin on the old classic game.  She put carpet squares down on the floor for the game board.  We played girls against the boys.  The students line up and are given a question from our unit of study.  The questions follow Bloom's taxonomy so there are varying levels of difficulty.  The questions are written by both the teacher and the students.  If they answer the question correctly, they are given the X or O and they sit on a carpet square for their team.  If they miss the question, it is given to the next team to answer.  They are not allowed to get help from their team.  Nor do they get advice on where to sit on the game board.  They have to study the board on their own and make their decision without any help from their team.  So it combines knowledge and strategy.  We had a great time playing it.  It is one of their favorites.


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