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Coming to our Senses

Face to face In my first grade classes we have been studying the five senses.  This activity focused on using their eyes/sight.  The students were divided into partners.  They sat facing each other.  They were to use their eyes only to observe each other for about 5 minutes. Next they turned back to back and quietly changed three things about themselves.  Then they faced each other again and tried to identify the three changes.  They loved this activity and begged to change partners and try it again.Faces

In the second activity, the students sat face to face again with a partner.  One partner was the "mover" and the other partner was the "mirror".  The mirror tried to keep up with the mover and do what they were doing.  We started by making faces showing emotions.  We slowly added hands and gestures.  We had a lot of fun focusing on sight.  We will be researching the eyes and creating models of the eyeball.  Pictures of the partner activities will be posted Monday!  Feel free to share what you do when teaching the five senses...Mirro


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