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The Year of Change

The weather is getting warmer (hot actually if you live in the south), the children are growing restless, the teachers are looking tired...yep, it's the end of the school year.  As I sit and reflect on my year, I have decided this has been the year of change for me.  From a new superintendent with new ideas and approaches,to the website changes at Scholastic, there have been numerous changes this year.  Change can be a good thing and I do look back at this year as a great year where I have grown and learned a lot myself!  Where I thought of myself as a flexible teacher in the past, I have had my flexibility put to the test.  I have learned to roll with the punches more than I have had.  I have so enjoyed sharing some of the things we do in our classroom with you and I hope that I have inspired someone to try something new or different.   This was my 11th year of teaching and as I now look back Isee what I need to strengthen and what my goals are.  I love being in the classroom and do not see myself leaving that roll.  This fall I will begin to complete my master's degree (it was put on hold while the family was growing).  I have learned through this year that I want to change the original path I was on to  a technology-based one as I see a need for it in the district I work in.  However, the summer break is calling and that is exactly what I plan to do this year...take a break and a much needed vacation!  I am looking forward to next year (which has elephants in itthanks to my cohort).  I will anxiously await the beginning of the new bloggers for Scholastic.  I know they will bring new ideas to bring into my classroom.  I hope you all have had a fabulous year and have a wonderful summer.  Ta-ta for now...



Dear Jill,

Thank you coming back and partnering with Jennifer. It was a great year and your amazing contributions really helped me learn so much more about Gifted education. You have been an exemplary colleague for your fellow teachers and all your efforts for Scholastic are much appreciated! Good luck to you and have a wonderful summer. Please keep in touch!

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