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Going Inside Out

Field_tripThe Kindergarten and 1st graders are going inside out to study things from the inside.  During our unit we went inside a corn maze and fortunately everyone made it out!  We also had a tummy-filling science activity using kernels and popcorn puffs.  Come inside to see what all we did!Taste2

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Regional Explorations

Market_5As the culminating activity for our study of the Happy Apple and the Mysterious Monster From Outer Space, we ventured out on a regional exploration.  Yes, a regional exploration is different from a field trip.  Hop on board and I'll explain...Icing

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Ice_cream_a This week we were studying solids, liquids, and gases within our unit on Ice Cream.  What better way to see a liquid change forms to a solid than by using their own hands?  It was a "cool" activity that the kids loved!Ice_cream_2

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Details, Details, Details

Pickin_apples My second grade classes are continuing with the book Happy Apple and the Mysterious Monster from Outer Space.  We are focusing on researching apples for science.  For our gifted strategies we are focusing in on details by using an apple game.  Eatin_apples

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Starting with the Basics

Ice_cream_2Welcome to another great year!  I'm the other writer for the Strategies for Gifted Learners.  I teach Kindergarten-2nd grade gifted students.  This week I began with the basics for K-1st grade classes. Ice_cream_1_2  

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