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Friday Kid Lit Round-Up

Pigeon Yes, school is upon us folks and what better way to adjust to scratchy school clothes, paper, pencils and pens than to enjoy a good book?  Meghan over on Book Kids has compiled a short list of titles to help young students transition back to school.

Angela Bunji, one of our super new mentor teachers here at Scholastic.com, has posted some great info on how she uses multiple intelligences in her reading class.  To top it all off, she ends her post with a quick review of Andrew Clements’ A Million Dots, a super book to include in your classroom library.  Make sure you say hi to Angela when you check out her blog!

Popular Pigeon books creator Mo Willems has been getting a lot of press this summer.  Over on the Big Picture he has an interesting interview with his take on why being a kid is tough and some insight into Pigeon.  He also has a great take on books:
    "'I don’t believe that books should be read, I believe they should be played,’ he explains. ‘And one way to play them is to draw them. All my lead characters are retrofitted to be as fundamental as possible.’"
Read the fascinating full interview.

For those of you familiar with the Rough Guide travel book series, some bittersweet news.  In conjunction with Britain’s Big Picture campaign, they have published The Rough Guide to Picture Books.  This handy little guide features a synopsis, tips section and “Why Choose This Book?” breakdown for the various titles.  So here’s the bitter part; you can get it for free at Tesco but you have to pick it up in the UK.  If any of you industrious readers have a connection, let us know!  It’s a super little guide.

Looking for ways to make your classroom more poetry friendly?  Michael Rosen has a series of video clips on everything from "Stage a Poetry Swap" to "Turn a Poem into a Play."  Is it any wonder he’s the Children’s Laureate in the UK?  And I bet he has a copy of The Rough Guide!

If I had a dollar for every time a student asked me, “What book got Scarlett Johansson hooked?” Well, I’d be poor, but she is going to be featured in the movie based on Roald Dahl's The Fantastic Mr. Fox set for November 2009 release.


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