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Picture Book Thursday: Animals in the Library

LibraryLibrary Mouse
Written and illustrated by Daniel Kirk
Age Range 4-12 years

Bats_4 Bats at the Library
Written and illustrated by Brian Lies
Houghton Mifflin Company
Age Range 4-12 yrs
Publication date September 2008

Hey folks.  Picture Book Thursday is here and we have a tie!  Yes, it’s two reviews for the price of one. And the theme is cute creatures in the library. Now you may be squeamish when it comes to mice and bats but you’re going to love the characters in these books.

Daniel Kirk’s Library Mouse is a cute tale of Sam, a mouse who lives in a bustling library.  After reading up a storm, Sam begins to write his own books, dabbling in different genres and eventually inspiring the students to become authors themselves.  The font and illustrations are pleasantly retro and the use of color is similar to that found in classics like Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever!, with primary colors making the palette pop.

Brian Lies' Bats at the Library brings readers on a post-Bats at the Beach adventure, as they enjoy all the accommodations a library has to offer at night.  Mr. Lies' illustrations feature an Arts and Crafts inspired library, chock full of little details for the enjoyment of children and adults alike.  The illustration of the bats Xeroxing themselves is funny in itself; those darn bats seem to be having such a blast I couldn’t help but laugh.

These are two fun titles to share with students, whether you’re concentrating on writing, reading, genre or simply want to prep for a trip to the library.  To get the most bang for your buck, read them both to your students.

For many parents all it takes is a nudge to get them to visit the library with their child.  Your newsletter can be that nudge.  Send home a special edition newsletter with relevant library info.  Include the name of the library, location, hours and name of the children’s librarian.  You might also try contacting the librarian to see what books are popular with your students and include that list.


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