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Picture Book Thursday: Fine As We Are

Fineasweare_2 Fine As We Are
Written and illustrated by Algy Craig Hall
Boxer Books
Age Range 3-8 years

Hey folks.  It’s great to see you’ve broken away from Olympic coverage to check out Picture Book Thursday.  With school on its way for many of you, I thought you might enjoy a book with a quick activity for classroom management.

Fine As We Are is written and illustrated by Londoner Algy Craig Hall.  His first title covers a lot of relevant themes for the early childhood classroom including frogs, life cycles and new siblings.  He covers these themes in such a gentle and fun way, the reader doesn’t realize how much ground is covered.

In short, Little Frog is intrigued to find some tadpoles at his home but not impressed when they grow into his rambunctious brothers and sisters.  Struggling with learning how to enjoy his new siblings, Little Frog grows to love his expanded family and his new role as big brother.

Now the teacher in you is going to want to remember this book for units on frogs, family, and life cycles but don’t worry.  As with all picture books, it’s ok to read it more than once. And the children will love revisiting Little Frog and his family.

Tell your students they are going to be lining up like quiet little frogs.  If you have a large class you may want to have students line up a few at a time, showing them how to take little hops on their way.  Remind them that they need to stop once they reach the line and that they should not bump into the other “frogs.”  You can add this to your bag of tricks on how to make a straight quiet line fun.



Little Frog sounds delightful! I see lots of ways to use the book, as a parent, a grandparent, and a teacher.

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