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Friday Kid Lit Round-Up

Vunce Hello fellow kit lit aficionados and welcome to the Friday Kid Lit Round-Up!  The leaves are changing, the temp is dropping and fall is in the air.  It puts me in the mood for a good book, or at least some good book news.

First up, Cathleen at Chronicle has provided this fun link for planning a Halloween book party.  Based on the new J. Otto Seibold title, Vunce Upon a Time,  this site features sticker sheets, 6 easy steps to turn into a vampire,  and a delicious recipe for Spiderweb Pumpkin Gingerbread Cupcakes.  Yum!

Across the Pond, the winners of Booktrust’s Early Years Awards have been announced. 
Says Viv Bird, Director of Booktrust:
"Booktrust is delighted with this year's entries and the wealth of books aimed at encouraging parents and children to discover a love of reading. It has been an extraordinary year for entries, particularly in the Best Emerging Illustrator category. The imagination, dedication and creativity of the winning authors and illustrators delighted the judges and will captivate and encourage young readers."

Is Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing one of your favorite Judy Blume books?  How about Blubber?  I still remember laughing as I read about Peter dealing with Fudge’s antics.  Check out Morgan’s author spotlight over on InkSplot 26.

In the mood to read about the adventures of a chicken?  What if the chicken was featured in Kate DiCamillo’s new picture book?  Check it out at Chicken Spaghetti.

Yesterday I reviewed Jane Yolen’s new Johnny Appleseed book but she’s been up to much more than the one title:
“I have told my family if I ever do this kind of tour again, just take me out and shoot me. Now, I need to qualify that. If I ever do a ten day tour in which I drive myself everywhere, haul my bags around on my own (full of books, computer etc.), and stay on friends' and relatives’ sofa beds instead of in hotels, remind me how much my back is killing me right now, how tired I am, and how few books I actually sold!”
Read more of Jane’s journal and send her an email. She welcomes questions from readers!

So another week of picture book goodness has come to a close.  Go have yourself a great weekend and we’ll see you back here for Non Fiction Monday.



Hi Angi,

It is one funny book!



I loved Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing!!!!

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