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Picture Book Thursday: Dragons

Snoring Snoring Beauty
Written by Bruce Hale
Illustrated by Howard Fine
Harcourt, Inc.
Age Range 7-11 years


Hush, Little Dragon
Written by Boni Ashburn
Illustrated by Kelly Murphy
Abrams Books for Young Readers.
Age Range 4-8 years

Guess Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood
Written by Timothy Knapman
Illustrated by Gwen Millward
Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Age Range 3-8 years

Hey folks. Picture Book Thursday is here and it’s Dragonpalooza! Yes, it’s a veritable dragonfest, thanks to all those dragon-friendly publishers out there. You might consider them for a unit on dragons. (Jan Battey of Western Mass. introduced me to the idea and she taught it with gusto.) Purchase a couple of yards of green fabric for students to drape over their shoulders to become dragons. Convert your drama center into a castle or dragon cave and let your students fly into some imaginative play. Here we go with three dragon tales…

Snoring Beauty

You know you’re in for a treat when the title page pictures a frog, complete with cloak and cane. Writer Bruce Hale, author of the Chet Gecko series, loads this tale of a cursed princess with humor for both children and adults. Cursed to die at the hands, or wheels, of a pie wagon, Princess Drachmina Lofresca Malvolvio Margarine (Marge for short) is turned into a dragon with a severe snoring problem. Can the curse of cantankerous Beebo the fairy be broken? Illustrator Howard Fine goes to town on this title. The opening pages of the exuberant queen are reminiscent of King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub. Fine also successfully uses interesting viewpoints throughout the book, zooming into characters' faces, down on a bridge and up at a moonlit sky. Nicely done, Mr. Fine.

Hush, Little Dragon

Based on the Hush Little Baby lullaby, Hush, Little Dragon features a mother dragon feeding her young son. Of course, it’s a dragon’s diet consisting of knights, magicians, kings and other assorted royalty. While the baby dragon seems a bit squeamish about the food gathering process, Mama, complete with lady dragon eyelashes, keeps right on foraging. The illustrations are filled with rich reds, yellows and greens, and are reminiscent of some medieval artwork. Quite attractive.

Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood

Ok, I have to say this book cracked me up. “You’ll never guess what I found the other day. It’s called a Benjamin.” Yes, it’s told from the point of view of an adolescent dragon trying to take care of the strange creature that is a little boy. Feeding and housing Benjamin are entertaining enough, but the dragon’s take on soccer had me cracking up. The illustrations are chock full of quirky dragons in simple settings, with many pages sporting labeled features. The author and illustrator work quite well together and definitely have a hit on their hands.

So that’s it folks. I hope this gets your creative juices flowing. Pop back in tomorrow for the Kid Lit Round-Up. See you then.


Jeremy Brunaccioni

I know. I thought it was super when I saw your post earlier. Keep up the good work.
Hey, I'll being doing bears at some point. We should team up again.

Hannah Trierweiler

Looks like we had a theme going on this week, Jeremy! I love Snoring Beauty.

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