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Friday Kid Lit Round-Up

So a few weeks ago I had my students create self-portraits using pumpkins.  I thought it was a pretty cool project and then Patty, Scholastic's high school teacher advisor, posted about literary pumpkins this week for Halloween.   “The literary pumpkin project is a great way to demonstrate understanding of a character, setting, or major plot development of a novel.  Students demonstrate immense creativity when designing their "pumpkins" (although man-made materials, gourds, and other fall season-related veggies and fruits are often used for these projects).”  All I can say is you HAVE to check out her blog.

Planning on being in Western Mass on Saturday, November 8?  The Eric Carle Museum and Blue Heron Restaurant will be hosting a Bookworm’s Luncheon with readings by:
• David Costello - Here They Come
• Leslea Newman - Cats, Cats, Cats and more...
• Erica Verrillo - Alyssa's Quest
• Jeannine Atkins - Mary Anning and the Sea Dragon
I went to one of these events a few years ago and it was a blast. Call 413.665.2102 for reservations.

Speaking of David Costello, last year he teamed up with students online to create a collaborative picture book  called Mr. Allgunky and the Missing Monster. To see videos of the story coming to life and find other monster book activities to use with your students, check out this article.

Here Costello explains how he developed the characters for his collaborative book.

To check out his Here They Come trailer, jump on over to his website.  If you really want to be wowed, book him to come to your school.  Simply put, David Costello is one of the most talented author/illustrators in the business.

Curious about why our libraries continue to purchase curriculum-related nonfiction when it’s available for free online?  So am I and so is Michael Cart.

So I’m not sure how I feel about defacing a copy of The Pokey Little Puppy but I suppose if it’s going to last awhile, but in a new form, I can admire the creativity.  Head over to Chicken Spaghetti to check out these birdhouses.

OK, time for you to go stock up on Halloween candy and watch David Costello videos.  As for me, I’m going to go find out if Jeff Mack is dressing up any bunnies for Halloween.  See you Monday.


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