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Friday Kid Lit Round-Up

Goosebumps_2 Hey folks.  If you read yesterday’s post and are interested in some voting books, check out Anastasia Suen’s picks from a few weeks back.  They dovetail nicely with the patriotic theme.

Halloween is officially here and what better time to grab a spooky Stine book and give yourself a good old fashioned case of the heebie jeebies.  Carly M. offers her thoughts on children’s author R.L. Stine over on InkSplot. For more Halloween teaching fun, check out Scholastic.com's Top 5 Halloween Activities and Lessons.

A link from A Fuse#8 Production led me to the First Annual Children's Book Halloween Costume Contest "where favorite characters from children's books show off their holiday best." Very fun!

According to NewsObserver.com, Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska will be Burton's Alice in the 2010 release of Alice in Wonderland based on the Lewis Carroll classic. "Johnny Depp is the inspired choice to play the Mad Hatter.”  Maybe we can concentrate on looking forward to this while the kinks are worked out of Where the Wild Things Are.

I hadn’t given much thought to how the economy is affecting libraries but the American Library Association sure has.  “The American Library Association (ALA) is asking Congress for $100 million in stimulus funding to aid the nation’s working families during the current economic crisis. Aid is sought to stem the bleeding of critical library services that help Americans with job searches, small business development, financial literacy and other essential assistance in hard economic times.”  Read more at ALA.org.

And with that folks, I’m off to prepare for the first wave of trick-or-treaters.  Remember to drive slow, resist the urge to egg anything, and brush after all the candy. We’ll see you back here next week.


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