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Video Wednesday: Rick Riordan Author Study

I know we have been talking about Rick Riordan a lot, and the reason is he's REALLY COOL! His Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is a fun way to teach mythology, and his new series The 39 Clues incorporates history and geography into a fast-paced worldwide scavenger hunt adventure. He is that rare author whose books teachers can use in the classroom, and the kids (both boys and girls) will say, "This is the best book I've ever read!"

To help you teach his books, Scholastic.com has put together this Author Study unit. You'll find video, discussion guides, and a Message Board for students to talk about the books and ask questions for the author. Riordan himself will be joining the Message Board later this month to answer some of the posted questions.

In this video clip from my July 2008 interview with Rick, he talks about writing mistakes he's made that students can learn from. Share the video with students and then have them join the conversation with Rick Riordan on the Message Board!



Rick Riordan is really awesome. I hope that someday I can write as well as him. After JKR, he's my fave author. I LOVE THE PERCY JACKSON BOOKS!!!

My three fave characters are:

Luke (Luke's mean, so I hate him, but he's an AMAZING character!)

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