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Friday Kid Lit Round-Up

Waywework David Macaulay.  What an illustrator!  He’s taken on mosques, cathedrals and castles and now he’s taking on the human body in his new book The Way We Work.  Check out Roger Sutton’s interview with him over on Notes from the Hornbook.

President Elect Obama’s favorite picture book is Where the Wild Things Are but do you have a suggestion for a book he should read before taking office?  Why not check into Shelf Talker and post your suggested title?

Does “tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff,” mean anything to you?  Well it meant about $65,000 to some German Winnie-the-Pooh collectors.  Visit the BBC to find out what that item was.

With the Twilight movie being released on November 21, fans are getting pretty excited. Ever wonder what would happen if you put the actors Robert Pattinson and Catherine Hardwicke in a Soho Apple Store?  Our very own Stacks staffer Nancy found out firsthand and she has the photo to prove it.

A bit closer to home, Just One More Book reports that the Richard Michelson gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts will be hosting its 19th annual Children’s Illustration Show.  Listen to the podcast to hear Richard talk about this popular show. 

And with that folks, I think I might just zip down to the Michelson Gallery to check out the show.  Have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here next week.



Hi Andrea,

I will let you know!


Andrea of JustOneMoreBook! KidLit Podcast

Let us know if you do zip down to Northampton -- it would be great to meet you!

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