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New Review Tuesday: Pie!

One of my favorite of the comedian Jack Handey's "Deep Thoughts" goes something like this: "If you ever get to make the choice between regular heaven and pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It may be a trick, but if not, mmm boy."

That could pretty much be my life motto, and of course I'm getting geared up for next week's pie-centric celebration, as I'm sure you are, too.

Here are two pie-happy picture books to serve up to your kids before you take that much-needed Thanksgiving break.

51gg3dkul_ss500_1 How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the U.S.A. is Marjorie Priceman's follow-up to How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, and although she keeps to a very similar concept, it's an effective one. Readers will learn about the origin of each and every ingredient in a cherry pie, in addition to finding raw materials across the country for a mixing bowl, rolling pin, and measuring cup. Invite kids to find all the places Priceman mentions on a large map, and then try sourcing the ingredients for another favorite recipe. If you have access to a kitchen, you can even try your hand at the recipe for cherry pie in the back of the book. Best for grades K–2.

26392270 Laurel Snyder's Inside the Slidy Diner, with illustrations by Jaime Zollars, may be the answer after Thanksgiving has passed and you're ready to toss the leftovers or risk bursting a seam or two. This gross-out picture book portrays the greasiest of greasy spoons, and the pie here is adorned with what looks suspiciously like eyeballs. Eww!! This one could inspire a fun writing assigment for kids in grades K–2—"The Grossest Meal Ever" or some stomach-turning poetry, anyone? Yeah, better wait until after Thanksgiving!

What flavor of pie are you looking forward to next week? I'm a traditional pumpkin girl, myself.   


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