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Video Wednesday: The Spiderwick Chronicles

That beautiful and super-cool woman reading in the video is author Holly Black. She was kind enough to read aloud for us the first chapter of Book 1 in The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Field Guide.

Lest there is still any doubt how cool Holly Black is, you should also know that she has a secret library in her house! Just imagine the coolness of having a secret library in your house! I probably wouldn't come out for days on end. Holly talks about that as well as other aspects of her life as a writer in our video interview filmed last June.

Also visit The Steampunk Home to see pictures of her library, and try not to drool on the keyboard!

Finally the Spiderwick movie is one of several book-based movies out on DVD. Would make a great holiday feature!



Can't watch the video yet (blocked at my school, natch) but the link to that library.... That wonderful library...

Sorry! Went off to dreamland.

Made my day.

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