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Video Wednesday: Cirque du Freak

When I found out that Jake T. Austin, the 13-year-old star of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place, would be visiting Scholastic, my first question was "What is his favorite book?" Turns out it's the Cirque du Freak series by Darren Shan, those creepy gross horror books full of the disgusting details that boys love to read about. Motivate the boys to read with Jake's video booktalk for Book 1 in the series, A Living Nightmare.

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if you like the saga of darren shan then read the demonata series by darren shan its much more gruesome


I SOOO agree, I LOVE ALL Darren Shan books, I first started reading them by chance. I saw the first Trilogy of Cirque Du Freak, The Vampire's Assistant and Tunnels of Blood in WHSmith (I now go to Waterstones). After I finished that trilogy I had to get the rest and when I found out about The Demonata, Oh My God I HAD to get them! I have every single one so far I LOVE them. I enter every competition I can to win a signed book or whatever, but sadly I don't win any. :-( Can't wait until Cirque Du Freak movie comes out! Message to Darren Shan: NEVER stop writing!





wow who would have guessed! i like how jt talked but he missed out on alot of detail like for instance how mr.tall puts he fingers /hand back into place or how mr. creepsley changed darrens life .
but either way it was good!


:] thank you Georgia for pointing that out.
amazing books does he write <3


Hey look its Darren himself. Lol these books rule!

It's not just for boys! Girls can read them too. I am of the female species and I have enjoyed each one of them :)



I agree, Darren. Jake does have excellent taste in books! Thanks for dropping in!

Darren Shan

Jake has excellent taste in books!!! :-) Who knows -- maybe he'll crop up in a Cirque Du Freak movie somewhere down the line if the first one's a success and they move on to make sequels!! Thanks for recommending my book in such an enthusiastic fashion, Jake -- much appreciated! Darren.

Jennifer, 5 Minutes for Books

What a fun video "real life kid" (sort of) review! It is cool to know what kids are really reading.

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