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Friday Kid Lit Round-Up

Toys David Shannon has a hilarious new book out, Too Many Toys, starring Spencer.  Mir and her daughter had a great conversation about it at Kitchen Table Reviews.

Mir: What was your favorite part?
Daughter: I liked that there was a picture of you in here.
Mir: Huh?
Daughter: There’s a picture of you, Mom! [Giggling, she turned to an illustration of Spencer’s mom hollering at him. The picture is approximately 80% gaping mouth.]

In this Scholastic video interview, Shannon actually describes how he drew Spencer's mom.

In her blog for Teacher Magazine, 6th grade Language Arts teacher Donalyn Miller has an interesting take on all the Twilight hype.  “Risking instant scorn, I must admit that I do not think the Twilight books are that well-written. . . In spite of endless comparisons in the books, Bella is no Cathy and Edward is no Heathcliff. I wonder, though, how many girls picked up a copy of Wuthering Heights this year and read it because Bella did.”

Are you looking for interesting ways to use field guides and books for natural history fans?  Check out Chicken Spaghetti for everything from the Birder’s Library children’s book list to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) top science books for children and teens. Great gift ideas for young naturalists!

I’m always on the lookout for picture books from other countries. The list of children's category finalists for this year’s Aurealis Awards for the best Australian fantasy, sci-fi and horror books can be found on Achockablog. In the Picture Book category is the beautiful Tashi and the Phoenix with this description:

“Uncle Tiki Pu has put Tashi's family at risk by boasting to the Warlord that he has captured the most dazzling creature in the world. Now the Warlord wants to see it, or else... And Princess Sarashina has sent a letter to Tashi because her sister must marry the cruel and sneaky Khan. Can Tashi make the Emperor see what Khan is planning?”

It looks like libraries have a friend in President Elect Obama with the American Library Association applauding him for “recognizing the effect library closings have on communities…”

“Obama, discussing potential budget shortfalls for the 41 states represented during the meeting, cited library closures as one of the drastic measures already being taken to balance state budgets.” 

And with that folks, keep on reading and we’ll see you back here for Nonfiction Monday.


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