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Picture Book Thursday: Dogs and Puppies

Little_puppy Little Puppy Lost
Written by Linda Jennings
Illustrated by Alison Edgson
Good Books
Age Range 4-8 years

Dog_who The Dog Who Belonged to No One
Written by Amy Hest
Illustrated by Amy Bates
Age Range 4-8 years

Fred Fred Stays with Me!
Written by Nancy Coffelt
Illustrated by Tricia Tusa
Little, Brown
Age Range 4-8 years

Hey folks.  Picture Book Thursday is here and I’m offering you a break from all that Thanksgiving turkey.  So have a seat and let’s talk dogs.  We have a pup who has wandered from home, a pooch who doesn’t have a home and a hound with two homes.

Little Puppy Lost
This is a great book to start off by having your students make predictions after looking at the endpapers.  Little Puppy Lost will tug at the heart strings of puppy lovers as the pup finds himself separated from his family on a snowy day.  But with Mom to the rescue, he finds himself back home with his siblings.  My young students loved this gentle tale with just enough puppy angst to keep them enthralled.

The Dog Who Belonged to No One
Taking place earlier in the 20th century, “the dog who belonged to no one” wanders the streets of a small town simply wishing to belong.  The illustration of him watching the baseball game through the fence and another of him huddled into an alley couldn’t be more endearing.  But not to fear, Lia, the daughter of local bakers, is in search of a friend too.  Amy Bates’ light-infused illustrations are a great match for this book and her dog has me wanting to head to the local pound to rescue some four footed waif.

Fred Stays with Me!
“Sometimes I live with mom.  Sometimes I live with dad.  My dog, Fred, stays with me.”  This intro sets the tone for the book as this little girl with divorced parents has a constant companion in goofy hound Fred.  Children of divorce are sure to make a connection with  the idea of two homes and two routines.  This sweet story had me wishing all children could have a constant like Fred in their lives.

I would use any of these books to kick off a fund raiser for the local animal shelter.  Have your students hold a bake sale or collect dog food or old blankets before taking a trip to the dog pound.  If a trip isn’t feasible, see if the local animal shelter offers outreach programs.  You may be able to have a canine friend visit the classroom.


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