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Video Wednesday: The Hunger Games

My holiday book recommendation for every young adult (and adult) reader is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I got the ARC last spring and it was the topic of conversation in the office for months as it made the rounds.  This poor little ARC is so beat up, it is is barely recognizable. Every reader I know over the age of 12 can expect a copy for Christmas - if I haven't already given it to you for your birthday!

In this video, Suzanne herself reads (in character!) the passage from the book where the games are just about to begin. It still gives me chills!

I had the chance to interview Suzanne Collins in August and begged her for details about the next book, but she wouldn't give away anything! It was great to meet her anyway, and she did talk about what inspired The Hunger Games and gave some background into its dystopian setting. The video interview is definitely worth a look. Even the video editor wants to read The Hunger Games now after having worked on this video!

For lots more holiday book buying ideas, check out Book Recs for Holiday Shopping from around the Litblogosphere at Chasing Ray. You will find book gift ideas for every reader on your list.


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