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Hunger Games Sequel

Catching From Publishers Weekly comes the first news about the next Hunger Games book! I can't wait!!!

We still have no details about the book itself, other than the cover and the title, but that was plenty to get Jessica and me speculating about what will happen! Even though we work at Scholastic, we are not among the lucky people who get to read the manuscript, so we are left guessing like everyone else.

But the title gives some good clues to work with, doesn't it? We have lots of ideas:

1) "Fire" could represent Katniss, as in the "girl on fire," and she does something to anger the Capitol so they are trying to catch her. Maybe she refuses to be a coach in the next Hunger Games and runs away or something.

2) Or maybe it is Gale and Peeta who are trying to catch her and win her love. Maybe we will find out who Katniss is really in love with.

3) Or maybe there is a grassroots revolution against the Capitol and it is starting catch on in a big way -- spreading like wildfire, so to speak.

4) Or maybe the arena for the next Hunger Games has a volcano in it, or the tributes have to fight fire in some way to survive. Kind of a twisted homage to Katniss.

5) Or President Snow has a secret assassination plot against Katniss involving fire. He will make it look like an accident if her house catches fire or something.

6) Or maybe one of the tributes this time will have a superpower ability to start fires like Selma Blair's character in the Hellboy movies. She scores off the charts at training and all the other tributes try to catch her.

What do you think is going to happen in The Hunger Games sequel? Add a comment with your ideas that we missed.



I think that Catching fire is going to have a lot in store for us!!

1) i think it will also be from Katniss' point of view and focus on her, I think 'Fire' in the title may be refferring to her.

2) since she is still elegable for the hunger games in the next her because she is still young, she might be put in agian. Everyone is trying to 'catch' her.

3) It may also be about her mentoring another kid maybe even her little sister.

4) I definetly think it will have something to do with the government. The president snow guy definelty does not like her.

5) I think she will have to chose between gale and peeta and I'm not sure who she will chose. I know she currently like peeta but I think they may just be good friends.

6) Katniss has to have something to do with the hunger games agian. She may try to stop them. That would put the government in reblion.

7) i am pretty sure she will have a third book but i dont know what it will be about,

I think Suzzane probably has a lot in store for us and many dramatic twists, so we should be ready!!!


i think that it is 1 2 3 twisted together


Maybe Katniss (the girl on fire) will run away? So then everyone--Peeta, Gale, and President Snoww will be trying to 'catch fire.' Or maybe Katniss will realive that she's in love with Gale--or Peeta, i suppose--and run away with him.
I don't know what's going to happen. All I know is that I CAN'T WAIT!
: )


the 1st book was absoloutly brilliant! there are just to many possibilitys at what the title could mean can't wait (but have to) for the next book and let us all find out more about how katniss feels about peeta and gale.

Sonja cole

Ooh, the bird in the crosshairs on the cover! I hadn't noticed that. I think you're right - that definitely points to an assassination attempt. But why is it a bird? I don't remember any bird imagery in The Hunger Games.


I was so excited to see the post on Publisher's Weekly yesterday. I'm still talking and thinking about Hunger Games. I think 1 and 5 are good possibilities. I love that the cover has a version of the first pin. I just had to compare the two covers and now I'm realizing that it looks like the "bird" is in crosshairs, so maybe there could be an assassination attempt.
I know there will be LOTS of fans hardly able to contain their excitement!

Jen Robinson

I'm thinking some combination of 1, 2, and 5. But, like you, I CAN'T WAIT to find out.


Sonja's right -- we've been discussing the plot of the sequel ever since we finished Hunger Games. We EVEN threw a few ideas at Suzanne Collins, but she gave NOTHING away. The title Catching Fire could have sooo many meanings. It's all I can think of today.

My gut is saying it's going to be 1 AND 2, but I'd love the idea of a revolution. One thing I need to insist on ... Primerose is not to be harmed. That would NOT be cool.

Whatever goes down in Catching Fire, she better reveal Peeta's true feelings. Is he for real? Or was it all part of the game? I get a headache when I think about it too much -- I just need to know.

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