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Picture Book Thursday: Snow

Snow Snow
Written by Cynthia Rylant
Illustrated by Lauren Stringer
Age Range 3-7 years

Footprints Footprints in the Snow
Written & illustrated by Mei Matsuoka
Henry Holt
Age Range 3-6 years

Thesnowshow The Snow Show
Written & illustrated by Carolyn Fisher
Age Range 4-8 years

Snow; you just can't have enough of the stuff.  I decided that with so many teachers enjoying indoor recess duty and pining for the fluffy white flakes, I'd review a few snow themed titles.  Here goes. . .

This book's endpapers open with a single snowflake on a winter-blue background that draws you into a gentle text of snow laden imagery. "Some snows fall only lightly, just enough to make you notice the delicate limbs of trees, the light falling from the lamppost, a sparrow's small feet."  Lauren Stringer's illustrations complement the text and are infused with blues that glow in the same way that snows do as they're hit by moonlight.  By the time I was done reading, I was ready to curl up at home and enjoy a snow-day. 

Footprints in the Snow
Having come to the conclusion that most storybook wolves were "nasty, scary and greedy," Mr. Nice Wolf sets out to right a story with, well, a nice wolf.  Much to his dismay the animals he encounters don't trust his intentions.  I can't say as I blame them and they make for numerous humorous encounters.  Mr. Nice Wolf is a character I'd like to see in a sequel.

The Snow Show
Carolyn Fisher approaches the subject of how snow is formed in an original way, presenting the material in the form of a show.  Hosts Snow White, Chef Kelvin and Jack Frost share the responsibility of leading readers through the process, covering everything from evaporation to crystalization.  The book is peppered with tongue in cheek comments that children and adults will enjoy. Fisher also includes a PDF Activity Kit on her Web site. It has loads of printable games and worksheets to enhance a unit on snow. The Snow Show would make a wonderful pair with Snowflake Bentley.

Have students use Model Magic or white Play-Doh to create a snowwoman based on the one created in Bethel, Maine. Find a local business willing to display the artwork for the public to enjoy.  (Be sure to check out the gallery on their site.  The snowwoman sports skis for eyelashes!)



Mr. Nice Wolf is a celebrity in my pre-k class. I would love to see a sequel, as well!

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