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Hanging Out With Nic Bishop

Nicbishop_blog I don't want to be Nic Bishop's roommate. The photographer/author of the amazing children's books about animals was in the office on Thursday, so we filmed him answering a bunch of questions (the video will be up in a few weeks. Be sure to come back and see it!). He told us amazing stories about his childhood traveling around the world, his start in photography and his love of small animals. I'd never heard anyone describe a frog as "beautiful." Best of all, he told a hilarious story about the tarantulas he housed, hoping to catch one of them molting for his award-winning Spiders book.

"I actually had 11 of these tarantulas in our bedroom and sometimes they'd escape. My wife is very understanding about these things. Usually they'd end up behind the bookcase or something so I could find them again," he said.

No thank you. I don't want a tarantula scurrying around my bedroom, much less 11.  

Check back in a few weeks for this interview, until then, go get his books filled with incredible photos of small creatures, including Frogs and Spiders. We also have this silly video of Nic Bishop in action for you to enjoy now. Don't miss it .


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