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Picture Book Thursday: Winter Thaw

18916Maple Syrup Season
Written by Ann Purmell
Ages 4-8

9780152049676_150 Winter Is the Warmest Season
Written and illustrated by Lauren Stringer
Ages 4-8

9781561486366 The Bears in the Bed and the Great Big Storm

Written by Paul Bright
Illustrated by Jane Chapman
Good Books
Ages 4-8

We're expecting another round of of snow and ice here in Massachusetts. Can you blame me for wanting a bit of a winter thaw? And as you all know, the best way to get that thaw started is to hunker down with a good picture book or two. Or three, for those of you doubting my ability to count.

Maple Syrup Season
Framed by two maple trees and chock full of woodland critters, the cover of this book does more than hint about the mapley goodness contained within. The story follows the Brockwell family's quest to make maple syrup, from their journey to the sugarbush to eating sugar on snow. There's even a page on maple syrup lore and a glossary of terms. Did you know it takes 40 gallons of sap to boil down into 1 gallon of syrup? This book is a welcome must for anyone studying the syrup season in the classroom.

Winter Is the Warmest Season
A young boy shares his thoughts on why winter is the warmest season and he makes a pretty convincing case. With the jelly sandwiches of summer giving way to grilled cheese and pajamas gaining feet, he gives this warm description, "In winter, bodies sit closer, books last longer, and hugs squeeze the warmest." Illustrations that make good use of warm and cool colors and energetic viewpoints only serve to make the reader wish for winter.

The Bears in the Bed and the Great Big Storm
And for all of you bear fans out there, here's another one to add to your list of "must haves." With wind blowing, thunder crashing, and lightening flashing, the youngest members of the bear family retreat to their parents bed. Convinced a monster is on the loose, the entire Bear family is pleased to offer safe haven to a homeless moose. And the young bears are just as pleased to realize there is no monster! Jane Chapman's cozy illustrations will have readers wishing for a winter storm so they can curl up under the covers.

Are you kidding me? How can I not suggest you make waffles or pancakes topped with maple syrup? For a real treat, make sourdough pancakes or top your waffles with raspberries. Those are two favorites your students won't be able to pass up.  I know I can't.



Hi Laura,

It really is a cool book. If you click on the publisher link by the cover pic it will give you more info. Enjoy!



I haven't heard of Winter is the Warmest Season - it looks really lovely!

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